Precept Intn'l Bible School offers a two year and four year Biblical Studies Program

1st Year Teaches the student

  • First year at PIBS teaches foundational biblical principles and doctrines, creating a clear understanding of kingdom operations, rights, and privileges.
  • Courses plus mandatory volunteer experience in a PIBS approved area of ministry, prepares the student to assist in any area of ministry and/or marketplace.
  • Requires Ministry Practicum


2nd Year Helps the student to teach others

  • Second year is a more in-depth study and training to put to use what is learned
  • Study, preparation, and sharing the gospel through various avenues prepares the student for supportive roles, as well as leadership roles in ministry and the marketplace
  • Requires Ministry Practicum


3rd Year

Leadership Roles

  • Studies are directed toward specific areas of ministry
  • Designed to helpstudent become skillful in certain areas
  • Strong emphasis in Leadership, Ministry of Business training
  • Requires Ministry Practicum in major
  • Healing Ministry training


4th Year

Academics-Bachelor Degree

  • In-depth studies in various areas
  • Book by Book studies of the Bible
  • World religions
  • Practicum:  Community involvement



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