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"This is That" as Spoken by the Prophet Joel and preached by Apsotle Peter on the Day of Pentacoast

Spirit of Joy Flowing !

Gifts of Healings Manifesting.!

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Listen to Lubirdia  Morris tedtimony of healing from this service

 To God be the Glory!.

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Tuesday Nights Bible Study
"Lessons in Faith"

A time where we learn how to live by Faith through precepts as wells as examples in application of Faith. A time of growth for every listener. Get your bibles, get ready to grow?

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The Prayer & Healing Center

Real People with Real Diseases receiving Real Deliverance from a Real God Receive your healing and learn to minister to others.


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Our Blog

Dont God know we are in Need?

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Need Prayer?

Need prayer today for something, or just need others to come into agreement with you in prayer? Use our online prayer board to make requests and come together in agreement with other believers online.

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